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Noroc Events Brings Award-Winning Moldovan Film 'Carbon' 2022 to Audiences Across the USA

Noroc Events is thrilled to bring the most popular movie made in Moldova, “Carbon” 2022, to audiences all over the USA. The film, directed by Ion Bors, stars Dumitru Roman and Ion Vântu, and tells a story about Moldova’s absurd past. It won the WIP Europa Industry Award and the WIP Europa Award at San Sebastian Film Festival, and is even among the submissions for the 95th Academy Awards for Best International Feature Film.

The story centers around Dima, a young tractor driver who learns that all the soldiers fighting for Moldova in the Transnistria War will receive an apartment in the capital. In an attempt to impress his girlfriend, he asks his friend Vasea, a veteran from the Soviet-Afghan War, to drive him to the front, which leads to a series of absurd and endearing misadventures.

Since its cinema release date in October 2022 in Moldova, the movie has been fully booked with six screenings per day, and the premiere in the USA in Chicago was sold out in just two days for a 500-seat auditorium. Noroc Events in collaboration with Mamaliga Events and Webcographi has since screened the movie in Miami, Orlando, Las Vegas, Sacramento, Seattle, and Dallas, with plans to show it in New York, Phoenix, and Washington DC in the following weeks.

Critics are raving about the film, calling it one of the best films from the Moldovan film industry in recent years. It’s a tragic-comedy that highlights the unpredictability of history and how it can bring out the best and worst in humanity.

Noroc Events is proud to bring such a powerful and acclaimed film to audiences across the USA. As a leading event management company that takes pride in being a part of cultural events that promote and support artists, bringing the rich traditions of Eastern European celebrations to audiences across America, Noroc Events is committed to bringing the best of Eastern European culture to the US. “Carbon” 2022 is just one example of the dedication to showcasing the best in the film culture. Stay tuned for more exciting events and cultural experiences from Noroc Events!


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