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Witnessing VARVARA(2023): A Cinematic Journey in the Republic of Moldova's Highest Office

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

An extraordinary event unfolded on June 6, 2023, in the heart of Chisinau, the capital of the Republic of Moldova. The Presidency building, a monument of history and decision-making, morphed into an impressive cinema hall for one unforgettable night. A testament to the transformative power of cinema, the film "Varvara" was brought to life right there, amidst the echoes of important state decisions.


Celebrating Cinema: The Noteworthy Participants at the Premiere

The event was attended by the film crew, the actors, the project partners, representatives of the film industry, journalists, as well as the team of the presidential institution along with President Maia Sandu. We were humbled to be a part of this landmark event and privileged to stand alongside other guests. Noroc Events' presence at the premiere gave us a hint of things to come. Given their previous success with distributing "Carbon" in USA, there's a sense of optimism that "Varvara" could soon reach wider audiences.


An Unconventional Hero: Introducing Sasha, the Heart of VARVARA

Photo by Bancu Cristina Mihaela

The film "Varvara", an artistic tour de force directed by the talented Anatol Durbală and Presented by Sergiu Cumatrenco Jr. was the reason we gathered in this historic place. But this was no ordinary narrative. "Varvara" isn't just a story, it’s a mirror reflecting the uncomfortable reality many choose to ignore. In this story, however, there is one individual who refuses to turn a blind eye: Sasha.

This cinematic gem is the outcome of the persistent efforts of the director, Anatol Durbală, a committed production team, and a diverse cast of over 30 actors. Their collective passion and dedication have not only resulted in a quality film but also an honest reflection of society's challenges.

Sasha, an everyday hero working for a heating installation company, stood out in the film. He wasn't a superhero, but an honest, sincere, and decent man who firmly rejected any involvement in illegal activities. But as we all know, life has a way of testing us, and Sasha's integrity was put to the test time and again.


A Mirror to Society: The Realistic Depiction in VARVARA

This is what made the movie compelling. It was a raw and unfiltered portrayal of our society's shortcomings, the underlying corruption, and the silent heroes among us like Sasha. The film did more than just expose societal ills; it forced us to confront them, to ask the difficult questions. This was the aspect that resonated with us the most. We were reminded that there are Sashas within our community, honest and upstanding individuals who deserve our acknowledgment and support.


A Collective Effort: The Role of the American Diaspora in VARVARA

We have the producers, the team, and director Anatol Durbală to thank for this remarkable film. Their efforts were palpable in every scene, and our gratitude goes beyond mere words.

We were pleased to learn that the American diaspora also played a role in the production of "Varvara". Their involvement goes beyond financial investment, serving as an inspiring reminder of the far-reaching impact of cultural projects. A glance at the titles revealed familiar names who were known for their invaluable support in the movie "Carbon", such as Hermes NVC Corp, TVA Logistics, and the Moldovan-American Convention.


We are excited for "Varvara" to start showing in Chisinau's cinemas and beyond. The premiere, which took place in the historic halls of the Presidency, left an indelible memory. It showed us how powerful and transforming cinema can be and how art can flourish in unexpected places.

We look forward to seeing more of such powerful stories like "Varvara". After all, what better investment is there than one that enlightens us, educate us, challenges us, and brings us closer as a community?


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